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How much weight does a bulimic person lose in one week?

Hi im trying to lose weight but eating healthy and doing cardio does not cut it for anymore, somwhow i stop losing weight like 3 weeks ago, i dont know why i only eat veggies and frut plus i excersice a lot there must be something wrong with my body. So i thought i could turn bulimic and i wanted to know, does it really work? if so how much weight do you lose by being bulimic per week, or month? Any help will be very apreciatted.

PS: Please dont post here to tell me bulimic is wrong and its bad for your teeth and metabolism and blah blah blah i already know that. I really need some answers and advice so if you are going to talk to tell me how stupid i am and why is bulimia so bad please no say nothing. Thanks.

How To Lose Weight In One Week

7 Responses to How much weight does a bulimic person lose in one week?

  • ♥Emmy Love♥ says:

    How To Lose Weight In One Week

    you’re not going to get any answers besides this one

  • Caroline says:

    How To Lose Weight In One Week

    it depends on how soon you throw up after you eat or how much you exercise. it really varies.

  • Shane says:

    How To Lose Weight In One Week

    Just put a piece of tape across your mouth and don’t eat for 10 days. You will be a skeleton before you know it. Why make your self sick, when all you need to do is starve yourself to death.

    PS: I think your stupid.

  • Jelly anne says:

    How To Lose Weight In One Week

    First off, your probably not losing weight because you’re starting to lose fat but build muscle, so it evens out.

    As for bulimia, honestly, it’s unlikely you’d lose anything from it. Most bulimics maintain, or roughly maintain, but go up and down like mad. I was up and down like a stone every 2 weeks when I was bulimic but it never stayed off, even if I stopped eating totally while it was down I’d gain anyway. That would be the result of the screwing with the metabolism that you are obviously already aware of. Apparently you don’t understand metabolism well if you know this destroys it but still think it will help you lose weight. If you kill your metabolism you won’t burn as many calories and you’ll gain weight easily, it’s a fact. Don’t do it.
    I’m not going to go in to health issues cos I’m bored of giving the lecture and you made it quite clear you won’t listen (you may die..). But as a way to lose weight it’s stupid and pointless. Bulimics don’t do it for weightloss, they do it for control.

  • Nolee says:

    How To Lose Weight In One Week

    actually, they usually don’t lose any weight at all because their purging is offset by bingeing. what you’re looking for is purging only, so I wouldn’t consider that bulimia. (sorry to nit-pick). purging isn’t effective if eat, then wait 30 minutes, and then purge. to lose any weight at all, you have to do it immediately. even then, you’ll only lose about half the calories you consumed. so weight loss varies.

  • Kylah says:

    How To Lose Weight In One Week

    I’m one of those people that has been overweight most of my life. I tried a lot of different shortcuts that never seemed to work. A friend I hadn’t seen in about a year stopped by my house and I was amazed. She had lost about 40 lbs and she looked great. I asked her what she did and she gave me all the details. Two months later I’ve lost over 30 lbs and feel wonderful. My friend Ruth has put together some information on her plan at.

  • Veronica says:

    When I started doing it I lost 30 lbs in 2 months.

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